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With social media use growing at an exponential rate, businesses in all industries are hiring social media marketing firms to help them leverage the seemingly infinite power of the online social sphere. Many aspects of popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn escape the understanding of many businesses. Posting on these platforms is easy enough, but what about paid advertising, sponsored posts, custom outreach and adequately answering the responses of hundreds of potential clients? Many businesses need help with this, and we’re here to give them exactly what they need – a list of the best social media companies in existence.

Our team at is here to help businesses searching for social media services compare the top social media companies in the United States. This is one of several properties operated by Authority Media, which is dedicated to evaluating vendors in all aspects of digital media and publishing our results. Our network of sites also includes, which enables you to search for the best firms based on your criteria.

After much discussion and debate before launching this rating site and, we concluded that the best online marketing agencies have a powerful online presence themselves. In other words, if a company doesn’t practice what it preaches, there’s no chance it will deliver on its promise to clients. That’s why the highest rated companies on our list have created successful social media campaigns for themselves as well as their clients.

Businesses worldwide rely on our ratings to locate the best social media companies for the following reasons:

  • Our experienced team of digital marketers has been involved with winning social media campaigns and worked at online marketing agencies before.
  • Our bilateral approach rates the quality of the agency’s SM strategy as well as the SM strategies created for the agency’s clients.
  • Our proven rating system evaluates the agency’s social media services on a variety of levels from customer friendliness to service quality and success.
  • Our undeniable love for social media and passion for best social media practices only allows worthy companies to rise to the top of the list.

This last point is very important to us. We believe that when experience is combined with passion, great results are achieved. Our experience tells us what to look for in social media companies and our passion keeps us motivated to evaluate each company thoroughly and fairly. By offering you a massive dose of transparency into the social media marketing biz, we’re positive we’ll help you pick the company that can offer your company its due success.

If you have any questions after reading about our evaluation process , feel free to contact us .