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Why Social Media Marketers Need Design Experience

Social media continues to become more visual. Facebook recently launched a News Feed redesign that includes larger images. On Wednesday, Twitter announced two new features including the ability to include four images per tweet.

If you share four photos, it will automatically create a collage. If you want to view them larger and individually, you can tap on the image then slide through the rest.

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Here are ways that brands can use this new feature to their advantage:

  1. Easily share multiple new products or services
  2. Upload multiple photos from events/conferences
  3. Create custom images to represent a weekly “round up” of content to re-share

As Facebook and Twitter become more visual and photo-sharing sites like Pinterest and Instagram continue to grow in popularity, it’s increasingly important for social media marketers to learn Photoshop or work together with a graphic designer.

If you don’t have the resources in-house, consider hiring the help of an agency with experienced social media and design departments.

Social Media 101: Four Things You Should Look for when Hiring a Social Media Marketing Company

The old saying, “It’s hard to find good help these days,” is relevant in a lot of industries, but it has a special poignancy for businesses that are looking for someone to handle their social media. A lot of people know that it’s important for their company to have a social media presence, and they’re all too eager to hire the first person that applies for a position. Remember in the 1990s when everyone who had a webpage said that they were a web designer on their resume? Social media marketing has become the new website designer, and the truth is that it takes certain skills to properly manage different social media platforms. If you want to hire someone that you know can handle your social media needs, look for these attributes.

A wide range a talent

If you want to find a good social media company, don’t just look for one that has social media marketers on staff. That may sound counterintuitive, but marketers aren’t the only thing that you need to achieve an excellent and growing social media presence: you also need graphic designers who can make you high quality images that people want to share; you need people who understand SEO so that clients can find your social media accounts; you need writers who can craft shareable, interesting, and engaging content. It takes a multifaceted and integrated approach to properly manage social media, and if you find a company that can go beyond simply creating posts, you’re moving in the right direction.

Enthusiasm and excitement

How would you feel if you noticed your doctor yawning and gazing at their cell phone right before they perform surgery? If just picturing that scenario makes you feel uncomfortable, imagine picking a company to handle your social media that doesn’t care about it. Social media is meant to be engaging, exciting, and overall enjoyable for the people creating what you’re sharing, as well as for those reading it. You’ll want a company that loves all things associated with the Internet and social media. Their excitement and dedication will help ensure that you’re only getting the best content and services.

Response time

In the world of social media, prompt responses and reactions are crucial. Memes and trends can be over almost as quickly as they started, and if you work with a social media company that can’t keep up with the fast pace of the Internet, you won’t be getting the kind of traffic and followers that you need. Ask if you can see some of the profiles they manage for their current clients, and see how relevant and up-to-date the posts are. If they’re talking about events weeks after they take place, or posting memes people haven’t laughed at in months, they aren’t the company for you.


If you want to gain followers and see your content being shared by others, you’re going to need to present it in a unique and entertaining way. Don’t hire a social media marketing provider that’s just going to make bland updates about your sales and company information. Look for companies that can make videos, create memes, and generally have fun when they make your content. If you find a company that takes pride in the way that they present their content, then they can handle managing your social media.

Finding the Right Social Media Marketing Company for You

In a society that revolves around the internet, and our ability to market ourselves effectively within that realm, it is of critical importance that businesses know how to utilize social media and online marketing to further their business. The internet continues to reshape itself on almost a daily basis, which can often make it difficult for the average company to know exactly what to do; hiring a social media marketing company usually becomes an important decision, and the route that many businesses take. However, why choose one social media marketing company over the other? What defines success in our digital marketing age? Take a look at some of these tips that could help you narrow the field when it comes to finding the best fit for your needs.

Find a social media marketing company that:

Will Stay on top of Trends

The realm of the internet and social media changes very quickly; what may have worked six months ago may end up being yesterday’s news. Google is the number one search engine that most utilize, and the site usually updates their algorithm once to twice a year. If you aren’t keeping up with the changes they make, your search rankings could be left in the dust; a quality social media marketing company can help with that.

Has a Quality Team that Delivers Results

A social media marketing company can make up anything when it comes to promoting their expertise; however, a company is only as good as the people within it. You want to invest in a company that has a proven track record of getting a business moving up in rankings in a certain period of time. Investigate the type of team s they have hired, the way they conduct business and ask for examples of their work if needs be. There is a significant difference between companies that hire outside help and those who have a solid team within the building.

Knows the Process of Managing Media Work

SEO and social media is just another step forward in the natural progression of technology; the reality of the situation is that social media marketing is a channel of marketing in general. A solid company will have people that understand not just the technological side of things, but have an excellent grasp on classic marketing as well.

When considering trying to market your company through social media, the internet and other forms of technology, it often pays to invest in a reputable and efficient social media marketing company. When making the decision on whose services to enlist, consider the above tips to get the most out of your investment, and to ensure your needs will be met.

Invest in Social Media Success Today

Running and maintaining your own business is an admirable investment, an endeavor that is open to anyone with a good idea and dedication to their cause. The unfortunate truth, however, is that staying on the road to success is a difficult balancing act. If you attempt to outdo your competition by offering lower prices, for example, the profit margins can’t be too thoroughly diminished or you risk driving your company into bankruptcy. On the other hand, attempting to strong arm the market to adhere to your strict business tactics might lead to a drop in revenue.

Despite these threats to success, it is important to remember that options are available to help keep your company from going under. For example, to keep up with the rapidly changing times of the technological age, a company should be prepared to enter the arena of social media. Thousands of prospective customers use social media sites to share their latest purchases, coupons, deals, product reviews, wish lists and other special promotions. From Facebook to Twitter, for the best shot at getting into the public eye, your company’s name and information should go where the people are.

Concerned that your company doesn’t have a social media department, let alone employees with the appropriate training to best reach customers browsing Tumblr, YouTube, and other sites? The amount of time and capital required to fully train a social media marketing associate from the ground up is fairly steep, and could cost you more upfront than you can afford. Thankfully, it’s now possible to outsource social media marketing efforts to fully trained experts right away. By constructing dynamic campaigns and instructing their clients along the way, quality SEO companies manage to stay on top of the social media ladder. By investing in the assistance of their thoroughly educated professionals, your business can maintain a presence on the most visited Internet social sites and still save a sufficient amount of money — all without needing to sacrifice quality.