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Why Social Media Marketers Need Design Experience

Social media continues to become more visual. Facebook recently launched a News Feed redesign that includes larger images. On Wednesday, Twitter announced two new features including the ability to include four images per tweet.

If you share four photos, it will automatically create a collage. If you want to view them larger and individually, you can tap on the image then slide through the rest.

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Here are ways that brands can use this new feature to their advantage:

  1. Easily share multiple new products or services
  2. Upload multiple photos from events/conferences
  3. Create custom images to represent a weekly “round up” of content to re-share

As Facebook and Twitter become more visual and photo-sharing sites like Pinterest and Instagram continue to grow in popularity, it’s increasingly important for social media marketers to learn Photoshop or work together with a graphic designer.

If you don’t have the resources in-house, consider hiring the help of an agency with experienced social media and design departments.